Nostalgic Noir (superchicklit) wrote in charm_im_sure,
Nostalgic Noir

Tis the season...

Hey Charmed Fans!
As it is Christmas and as i am a poor college student... I'm looking into selling my Charmed DVD's in order to pay some unavoidable expenditures. I have all 8 seasons... and have watched each through once and then various episodes from each after. The only ones i've watched more than once all the way through is season 1 and 6.I was just wondering if there would be any interest at all and whether they would attract any buyers. They've been well taken care of mind you, the only wear is slight, on the boxes themselves from sitting on a shelf. So please reply to this if you would be interested in the slightest and if i receive enough i will more than likely sell them. If you are wondering about price i am going to be very generous and will discuss it with those interested. Thanks and have a happy holiday.
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