Nostalgic Noir (superchicklit) wrote in charm_im_sure,
Nostalgic Noir

Charmed Inquiry

Hello all,
so i was re-watching my charmed dvd's and i just not noticed as i'm watching the 3rd season that Prue (Shannen) has green eyes. Am i missing something or did she start with blue. I'm currently on the We all scream for ice cream and it has quite a few close ups of Shannens face showing her very gorgeous green eyes. please my friends do tell me if i have gone insane :) hahahaha
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She may have hazel eyes which means they change based on mood or clothing. I have hazel eyes as well. Normally they appear green but I have photos of me where my eyes are clearly blue due to what I am wearing. I don't think there is really any other explanation unless they made her wear contacts sometimes and sometimes not. That would be bizarre though.